The Constant Care of a Cat

It became really quickly apparent to me that Aurra was a special cat. Wherever I went, there she was underfoot. If I sat down, she would curl up near my feet, on my desk, or in my lap on her favorite blanket. She seemed to be able to sense when I was having a bad day or was particularly sad, because she would always be closer to me and more snuggly. She will coo and purr at me when she knows I'm upset.

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Anxiety and Being In-Tune with my Dog

I can identify when my anxiety is growing and stop to take a minute to calm down and process the emotions before they get overwhelming. It's worth it to me not just to improve my own mental health, but to simultaneously not add unnecessary stress to my pup's life.

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Empawthy ProjectAnxiety
My story

I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people during my brief time being involved in the Chicago animal rescue community. These people tend to have a lot of traits in common: driven, dedicated, a bit weird, and a history of special relationships with animals. As I began to talk with some of these people, I realized that many of their lives have been saved by their pets, just as mine has been.

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